Ray Harral Nature Park

Harral park Nature Center
The Nature Center at Ray Harral Nature Park was opened in 2008.

Ray Harral Nature Park is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy. Sitting on 47 acres in south Broken Arrow, Ray Harral Nature Park features over 2 miles of walking trails, a great suspension bridge and a beautiful Nature Center.

As you walk around the park it’s hard to miss the large lagoon in its center. The lagoon is home to all kinds of waterfowl including cormorants. But, as you look closely, you’ll see old steel structures, now decaying, lying in the water. These old pieces of corrugated steel are the remenants of the pumping equipment used to supply water to Broken Arrow residents up until the 1930s. At one time the property was also home to a Christmas tree farm.

Exhibits in the nature center feature stuffed animals from the park as well as plants native to the area. Visitors can see beautiful views of the park from the outside deck.

Now Ray Harral Nature Park is a great place to walk or sit and enjoy the park from the park benches tucked away in cozy spots along the trail. In the spring and summer the thick foliage is home to the park’s active population of squirrels and birds. The tree cover limits how far you can see, in the fall and winter it is easy to see from one end of the park to the other.

Look for bird and owl houses on your tour of
Ray Harral Nature Park.

Look closely for the bird and owl houses in the park. Eagle Scout projects are responsible for many of the houses.

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